2007-2008 Talladega County 21st Century Initiative
Participants' Wikis & Blogs
High and Middle School
http://tcchslibrary.wikispaces.com - Joan Miller, TCCHS
http://espanolchildersburg.wikispaces.com - Noemi Blair, CHS
http://cmstigertech.wikispaces.com - Leslie Gilliam, CMS
http://childersburglibrary.wikispaces.com - Lori Bloodsworth, CMS
http://lhsteacher.wikispaces.com - Darrin Lett, LHS
http://pawstolearn.wikispaces.com - Gail Cook, MHS
http://lionmath.wikispaces.com - Heather Harry, MHS
http://senoritathomas.wikispaces.com - Theresa Thomas, MHS
http://bulldawgsocialstudies.wikispaces.com – Joicelyn Armbrester, WHS
http://whsbulldogs.wikispaces.com – Kim Knight, WHS
http://nicholsenglish.edublogs.org – Mysti Nichols, LHS
http://sciencewithcoachromano.wikispaces.com – Michael Romano, LHS
http://fhswolvesden.wikispaces.com – Jennifer Barnett, FHS
http://jenniferbarnett.edublogs.org – Jennifer Barnett, FHS
http://fhsbusinessmeeting.wikispaces.com – Robbie Stewart, FHS
http://sherbertnews.wikispaces.com – Rachel Sherbert, FHS
http://englishwithmrswright.wikispaces.com – Sharon Wright, FHS
http://fhssciencerocks.wikispaces.com – Dawn Guy, FHS
http://scienceteachermacoy.wikispaces.com – Lorrie Macoy, MMS
http://cosperscience.wikispaces.com – Philip Cosper, CMS
http://historyletsgetwikiwithit.wikispaces.com – Beth Mozley, DMS
http://bbcmyway.wikispaces.com – Oren Barclay, BBCHS
http://coachbarnett.wikispaces.com – Al Barnett, CHS
http://myhappyplace.wikispaces.com – Missy McCartney, CHS
http://msbarclaysclassroom.wikispaces.com - Emeka Barclay, BBCMHS
http://encantadora.wikispaces.com – Linda Browning, TCCHS/WHS


http://room12delairers.wikispaces.com/ - Dunedin, NZ is really looking for feedback and true web 2 discussion! Please join our site!
http://superstudents.wikispaces.com – Amanda Spurling, FHS
http://schill.wikispaces.com - Shannon Hill, LES (elementary)
http://watwood-4.wikispaces.com – Kim Broadhead, WES
http://kimsmithwick.edublogs.org – Kim Broadhead, WES
http://cwales.wikispaces.com – Cecilia Wales, FHS
http://ccwales.edublogs.org – Cecilia Wales, FHS
http://andreapennington.wikispaces.com – Andrea Pennington, FHS
http://Sizzlin6thgrade.wikispaces.com – Marianne Garrett, WHS
http://whitlocksclass.wikispaces.com - Amber Whitlock, BBCES
http://msgarnerskindergarten.wiksipaces.com - Shelly Garner, SES
http://mrschappellsecondgrade.wikispaces.com - Chrissy Chappell, SES
http://mrsthomasfirstgrade.wikispaces.com - pam Thomas, SES
http://taylorsthirdgrade.wikispaces.com - Laura Taylor, CES
http://brandyelliott.wikispaces.com - Brandi Elliot
http://mhamrac.edublogs.org - Melanie Hamrac, CES
http://mrseharris.wikispaces.com - Emily Harris, WES
http://ddennis1.wikispaces.com - Debbie Dennis, WES
http://mefifthgraders.wiksipaces.com - Katy Cox, MES
http://glass2ndgrade.wikispaces.com - Kay Glass, MES
http://smachen2.wikispaces.com - Sandy Machen, FES
http://fhskindergarten.wikispaces.com - Vanessa Arant, FES
http://1stgradespuekids.wikispaces.com - Christie Taylor
http://whatley4th.wikispaces.comMarilyn Whatley LES 4th grade
http://vthomas.pbwiki.com - Vonda Thomas, WES
http://eyoungwhs.wikispaces.com - Emily Young, WES

Compare Tablet PC’s @ http://toshibathrivetabletreview.com

21st Century Interactive Technology Showcase:
Welcome to Our World
April 23, 2009
Childersburg High School Arena
8:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Jennifer Barnett
Webcasting; 21st Century Classroom: Flip Video
English; History – 11th Grade; Fayetteville High School
“The learning that has taken place in our school system has generated some exciting changes. I see more student engagement as well as an increase in purposeful collaboration and communication among students. I see a renewed commitment to our profession in our teacher participants in this training. I see partnerships developing between the various stakeholders in our communities. Overall, I sense that this technology initiative has the potential to transform how schools do business. I am so proud to be part of a school system truly on the cutting edge. With eagerness, I accept the challenge to continue growing, learning, and exploring the best methods for raising the standards for our students.”
Kim Knight
Webcasting; 21st Century Classroom: Jing
Business Education; Winterboro School
I use technology as a tipping point to empower my students to build the skills that will enable them to choose their own path. Through local, state, and national competitions, Winterboro students are proving that they can compete in a global/technological world.”
Robbie Stewart
21st Century Classroom: Cam Studio
Business Education – Fayetteville High School
Making a connection between real-world relevance and the curriculum is what Business/Marketing students at Fayetteville have been doing this year. Whether it is learning personal finance, formatting a letter or creating a presentation, instructional strategies have included using projects, cooperative learning, simulations, real world experiences, guest speakers, Internet access to 21st Century tools, and computer/technology applications. We have played the stock market, marketed states, created fictitious businesses along with business plans, and simulated working in a global business and detective agency. Student learning is impacted and enhanced daily by using the above strategies and Web 2.0 tools such as Wikispaces, Weebly, CamStudio, Vokis, Blabberize, Animoto, Voicethread, Mixbook, and Windows live. FBLA members have enjoyed competing in technology fairs, business tournaments, and state competitions which has produced winners in website creation and design, general applications, business communications, and business calculations.”
BB Comer

Oren Barclay
Jason Howell, Emeka Barclay (other team members)
www.msbarclaysclassroom.com http://bbcmyway.wikispaces.com
Social Studies – High School
We have a class Wikispaces site. A student will demonstrate a World History Jeopardy game and power point presentation. We will have a display of various online resources and labs for Social Studies.

Ashley Canham
English – High School Poetry projects – Voki, Photo Story, Blogging; Brochure/Photo Story on college choice

Joicelyn Armbrester
Social Studies and Web 2.0 projects
Social Studies 7, 8, 9
“The 21st Century Learners project has completely changed my methods of instruction. Student engagement and achievement has skyrocketed and my students are producing work that is far beyond anything that I'd expected.”
Brian Young


Linda Browning
Bilingual Spanish Books; DVDs of books w/ music and voiceovers; Skype calls to Spain; Blogging
Spanish – TCCHS and Winterboro
Quentin Lee
Skype, Video Technology, Internet Research

Joan Miller
Library Media
Technology is everywhere in the library. From Destiny, our circulation system, to research using the Internet, we use technology every day.”
C’burg High

Al Barnett
Movie Maker projects; Electronic Jeopardy game
History – 11th grade
My fears of jumping into 21st century learning have been overcome by allowing the students a lot of freedom with their tech projects and assignments. I have found that the students will take assignments and run with them. It is amazing to see what they can do if we just unchain some of our old school philosophies and allow our instruction to go in new and exciting directions. The days of poster projects have been replaced by all types of new and exciting technology. Bill Gates said something to the effect, ‘give people an assignment and you will be amazed at how they get it done’. I surely believe and see that this statement is true.”
Missy McCartney
The Incredible World of Foldables
Math – Algebra I-A; Advanced Algebra I
I teach using an Interwrite pad and a LCD projector each day. I am a mathematics teacher that sits with the students and electronically writes on a projector screen. My students ask better questions and are not afraid to discuss the how’s and why’s as I sit with them guiding their instruction. I am so proud to say that I have not bought an expo marker in over two years. The students love me not blocking the board as I do detailed mathematic problems. I enjoy the increased communication between my students in my classroom due to technology.”
Noemi Blair
Alice (avatars); How to videos; demonstrating foreign language standards & how we use technology
Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III (10th – 12th grade)
“I am using technology to present students with the many different aspects of foreign language learning. Prior to having an LCD projector I was very limited in the ways which I could make language learning more meaningful and interesting. Now I can transport students to far off places from our classroom, students can not only learn the language but they are able to experience it.”
C’burg Middle

Philip Cosper
Many uses for Wikispaces in teaching Science
Science – 7th Grade
This year I have really focused on my wikispace and all the resources I can use with it to provide a great extension to my classroom. I have placed all Power Point presentations, notes, handouts, virtual lessons, and even how-to videos on how to use my wiki. I have also learned how to bring You Tube science clips into the classroom and the kids really love it. Being a part of the 21st Century Learning team has really taught me many invaluable teaching tools that have made my science class really exciting and innovative.”
Leslie Gilliam
7th and 8th Grade Business Technology
“I have incorporated more of the tools available on the Internet that allow the students to create more exciting, interesting, and subject rich projects. The students use these tools in my class, as well as projects for other subjects. The students are more engaged in the daily activities of the class.”
Lori Bloodsworth
Animoto, Photo Story, Voicethread, and Screencasting
Munford Middle

Lorrie Macoy
Incorporating an environmental/forestry theme using wikis, blogs, student created Webquests, graphic design, Blabberize, CPS, document reader, Teacher Tube, and Movie Maker
Rita Harper

Mike Ingram
Blogging; Movie Maker; Demonstration of Egyptian Brick making (video the process then create movie of the demo while at the showcase)


Dawn Guy
Movie maker projects in science
Science; High School
“From the aspect of teaching I try to include more technology in the ways I present the information. From a student’s perspective I try to give them a variety of products they can create, many of them using different kinds of technology. I was involved with the Working on the Work initiative in our system years ago, and one of the most important design qualities was to allow the student to choose the type of product they created based on the content of the course. So I know the importance of this. With this initiative, I’ve tried to make sure that I give them enough technological choices. This is still hard for me because I’m not comfortable assigning students work using technology that I don’t know anything about!”
Sharon Wright

English 7, 8, 9
“Twenty-first century teaching has made my job easier and more exciting. Incorporating technology into my classroom has breathed new life into my old lessons and given my students an enthusiasm for learning that I thought was lost. I don’t even want to think about going back!”
Rachel Sherbert
Country projects using web 2.0; literature study of Uglies and Pretties
Reading (7th/8th grades); Drama & Advanced Studies; 11th & 12th Grade GRAD Exam Prep
I have become more of a facilitator in my classroom. My students are able to work on project-based activities that will give them experience for their future careers in this technological world of today. It is so much better than “draw and color me a poster.” I believe that using technology makes it more “real” to the students – plus, they love using computers and technology; so why not use this to our advantage?”
Cecilia Wales
Variety of Web 2.0 tools for cross-curricular use
Andrea Pennington
Screencasting math problems
5th Grade
Technology continues to open new doors and expose new ways to teach and learn every day.”
Lincoln High

Mysti Nichols
Virtual Globe Theatre tour; Google Docs; webquest, Online anticipation guide, and other technologies
English – 12th; Creative Writing
“We have incorporated technology into our daily learning experience through many ways. We use internet searches, document programs, and computers on a regular basis. We have journeyed through the ages on an etymological journey through the history of the English Language and taken a virtual tour through the Globe Theatre. We have gone on a web quest through the Middle Ages and created various presentations for our classes.”
Michael Romano
Darrin Lett
Cam Studio; movie maker
9th – 12th Business Education
“I use the wiki to promote events being hosted by FBLA. I also have students post discussions, comments, and writing prompts from things that we have covered in class. The wiki allows the students to read each others' work, which cannot happen when students simply write papers and turn them in to me. After my students learned how to use our class wikispace, I had my Personal and Business Finance Class gather into groups of two and create their own wikispace on "Building Wealth and Financial Management". Whenever my classes are learning topics with a good deal of technical jargon, or the content is equipped with difficult terminology the students will use //www.quizlet.com// to help them learn the word meanings.”
Drew Middle

Beth Mozley
Cam Studio
Tim Gallahar
Cam Studio – online dissection/photos and movie maker

Life Science – 7th Grade
“My students will be demonstrating/discussing an on-line dissection website that students’ visited and participated in. They are also using the photos from the on-line dissection and photos from the dissections with specimens to make a movie using Moviemaker.”
Debra Williams
Power point presentations created after completing webquest on short story, "The Treasure of Lemon Brown"

Munford High

Gail Cook
Wikis- teacher created; student created
http://pridepage.wikispaces.com (student wiki)
Computer Applications – Grades 10-12
We use our wikispace daily to showcase student work, to post assignments, to participate in discussions, to post essays for collaboration, share student Vokis, etc. We also have a wiki that is created by students.”
Heather Harry
Interwrite Pad- graphing
High School Math
“I teach Algebra I-A and Algebra I-B. My classes consist of mostly 9th and 10th grade students. Before the Interwrite tablet my lessons were limited to the dry erase board. I love the tablet because it has opened the doors for so many opportunities. It is very helpful as a classroom management tool. The students are engaged in the lessons because I am able to constantly monitor their progress. The bells and whistles available with the software are fantastic for any subject. Using the Interwrite table has definitely changed by teaching style.”
Teresa Thomas
Student created power point, incorporating quizlet & Voki
Spanish; 9th – 12th grades
Technology is incorporated daily in my class. The materials that are taught each day is presented using a technology cart and the use of PowerPoint. The students no longer have to move from their seats, all question are answered using the Interwrite tab. At Munford High we do not have a foreign language lab and as a result the lab is supplemented with the use of Voki. The students have to record themselves speaking Spanish by means of Voki. Quizlet is also used to design games and to assist with the review of material. The students are more engaged as they are now more in charge of their learning. They look forward to making and using their Voki. They also realize that learning can be fun.”
Elem Leaders

Shannon Hill
21st Century Classroom: Qlippet; Famous American Unit incorporating Voki, Blabberize
http://schill.wikispaces.com www.sites.epals.com/hill3rd
3rd Grade
The 21st century framework plays an integral part when preparing content lessons in my classroom. Not only is technology a motivational tool for my students, but they are actively making choices on how to use, create, and explain content. The students are actively thinking about information and retaining that information on a daily basis. With the integration of 21st century skills my students are preparing for a technological society.”
Kim Broadhead
21st Century Classroom: Scratch
4th Grade – Reading and Language Arts
“I believe technology is a wonderful tool when incorporated properly. For many years, in my eyes, technology was simply no more than putting in a game that did little more than provide paperless skill and drill. Since beginning working with the 21st Century initiative, I have come to realize that technology should be used to create, collaborate, and communicate. Through project based learning students can do all of this and more. Technology should be considered a tool that facilitates and enhances instruction of all content areas while also exposing students to real-world skills that will be used throughout their education. Technology has refocused many students to become more productive in all subject areas and become active participants in their learning.”
Amanda Spurling
21st century classroom: flip videos; Blabberize, wiki, trading cards, Mixbook
4th Grade – Reading, Science, Alabama History
I try to incorporate technology whenever I can. I use videos and interactive websites to teach lessons. Students create projects like videos, books, and trading cards to enhance their learning. They use our wikispace to access information and see each other's work. They have exposure to more information and are excited when using technology!”
Karen Pemberton

Title I Resource/Reading Coach
I try to meet the needs of the teachers in my schools in the areas of availability and convenience. I’ve created a website for teachers to use to post their lesson plans and another website for teachers to use to sign up to use the lab. Using sites instead of sign-up sheets saves the teachers time and puts their work needs at their finger tips.”
BB Comer

Jennifer Smith
Skype demonstration with my class back at school
6th Grade
“We will be showcasing a webquest in which students researched the modern Civil Rights movement. Students created their choice of either a travel brochure or a newspaper (newsletter). They chose what they felt was most important to include. Students also recorded a newscast centered on one of their stories.”
Amber Whitlock
Google Earth map (Virtual Field Trip)
I have always enjoyed using technology in my classroom, but limited knowledge and limited resources made utilizing it as frequently as I would have liked difficult. I also have my Masters Degree in Elementary Education and Technology. But even that degree did not open the doors that the 21st Century initiative has for my students and I this year. In my classroom we have explored many aspects of Technology, from Blabberize to Wikis and from Google to Animoto. Mrs. Whitlock’s class is “Mapping Our Way into the 21st Century”.
Nancy Nunnelly
Voicethread – American Revolutionary War; Power Point
5th Grade
“Through the use of computers, technology has captivated students’ interest in learning. They are using technology to listen to music, talk to others around the world, retrieve information in seconds, and even predict future happenings. My students are preparing for the future by utilizing the computer to take tests, play educational games to aid learning, understand how to implement basic skills, and preparing information in different formats. Presentations are now more than words on a page. They are the creation of students unleashing their creativity for the world to see.”

Shelly Garner
Voki, Virtual Tour, Photo Story, Mixbook, Spotlight Wiki
I use my wikispace daily during center activities to help children become accustomed to using the internet and computer independently.
I also use it during whole group and small group instruction to model the activities that are available and model proper use of the computer and internet.”
Chrissy Chappell
Voki, Virtual Tour, Photo Story, Mixbook, Spotlight Wiki
2nd Grade
“I’ve incorporated the use of digital cameras, the document camera (Elmo), digital video recording equipment (Flip video), Voki, Interwrite School Pad, Skype, Voicethread and PowerPoint into my teaching in the past year. I cannot imagine how I got along without these tools. My students are much more engaged and excited about learning and showcasing their work. The biggest impact on my teaching has been the use of the Elmo document camera. It is so beneficial for ease of presentation and guiding students through their tasks.”
Pam Thomas
Voki, Virtual Tour, Photo Story, Mixbook, Spotlight Wiki
1st Grade
“I have incorporated technology into the class room in all subject areas. I use the Elmo and projector daily. The students utilize the computer individually daily for educational games. The students are also able to research various things they have questions about. I have just recently been trained on how to use the Interwrite pad. We use it for math quite often.”

Dena Bishop
Quizlet; Clickers; Education City, Promethean Board, Interwrite Pad, acti notes

3rd Grade
My class and I used the Promethean board and Interwrite pad daily with each subject. I also use many different websites to enhance my teaching. My lessons are very interactive with the students. My student's never know that the day will bring with all the technology we are using in the classroom. The student's are eager to learn and have fun doing it.”
Shanquita Boazmon

Earlier this month, students from Ms. Boazmon's sixth grade science class created a Weather Instruments Photo Story. For the showcase, the students will be creating a Photo Story entitled "The Sixth Grade Experience." This Photo Story will contain pictures that have been taken throughout the school year of students engaged in different learning activities, demonstrating the use of technology, and just having a good time. Stop by our table and let Paige, Michael, and Courtney amaze you with their outstanding knowledge on how to complete the Photo Story process!
Mona Worsham

C’burg Elementary

Laura Taylor
Mixbook; wikispaces
3rd Grade
It has been fun learning about all of these new tools. The Elmo and LCD projector have dramatically made my day easier. It is so great to be able to put anything under the Elmo and show it to the whole class. My wiki serves as a homepage for my classroom computers. It is helpful for both me and my students- all the links we need are right there for us to click. This saves so much time. It is amazing how much technology changes and how much cool stuff is out there. I’ve loved learning about all the web 2.0 tools.”
Brandi Elliott
2nd Grade
This year I have used tools such as the document camera, blogging, clickers, PowerPoint, United Streaming, and wikispaces. The document camera, blogging, and clickers allow the students to become more involved in the learning process. They allow me the opportunity to check for understanding quickly and with ease. PowerPoint and United Streaming provided me with an additional way to present material to my class.
Wikispaces has been a very valuable tool this year. It keeps me organized and gives me a "place" to present student work. These tools have enhanced the learning process and increased student participation.”
Melanie Hamrac
3rd Grade
“I have used technology this year to help differentiate instruction, enhance lesson content, and to serve as an alternative way for students to demonstrate their knowledge. It has also helped to provide many opportunities for hands on learning in my classroom. The greatest impact I feel technology has had on my teaching this year is that it has been a tool that has kept learning current with up-to-date information and it has presented my students with many challenges and learning tasks different than those normally found in traditional instruction and assessment.”

Emily Harris
Gaggle; Podcast w/ wiki; skype; Flip Video Camera
3rd Grade
Before this initiative I was active user of technology but my students were not. Through the implementation of 21st century skills my students are actively engaged in all aspects of the curriculum and are motivated to expand upon their knowledge to a greater depth.”
Debbie Dennis
Navigating the web through Wikispaces and Vokis
1st Grade
Since receiving training in 21st Century Technology skills, I use PowerPoint daily with the LCD projector and Smartboard in Reading Instruction. I've also incorporated a Wikispace with links to various sites that are used to enhance reading and math skills. Students navigate the web daily to sites such as Starfall.com, Spelling City.com, Accelerated Reading, and Funbrain.com for enrichment during Centers. While the use of technology in my classroom is a continuing growth process, I feel the students and I are on the way to becoming efficient users of a powerful and valuable tool.”
LeAnn Arrington
Skype, Movie Maker w/ wiki


Katy Cox
Wikispaces, Mixbook, CPS clickers
5th Grade Language Arts
“The use of technology impacts out classroom daily. The tools that we have to work within our classroom have increased student engagement substantially. My children use technology from the minute they leave my classroom until they go to sleep at night. Why would they not want to be using it at school as well? I also think the collaborative part of the process changes the classroom in a huge way. Students are learning to work together in ways that will directly relate to their lives in the future.”
Kay Glass
Movie Maker, Voki, Brain Pop, Webcam and skype live at the showcase
2nd Grade
I've introduced technology, Vokis, movie making, recordings to the students to demonstrate to them the different ways they can express themselves for our assignments.”
Jill Nelson
Elmo w/ reading and math stations (use digital cameras for live projects)

We use computers and ELMO for math and reading games. We have used the digital camera to take pictures of things that are interesting to us. We are learning to use digital cameras so we will know how to use them for projects in the upper grades.
My students are more "hands-on" and eager to learn with the computer and ELMO games. Our math, reading skills, and cooperative learning have improved by using our ELMO games. The children feel so important by using these new forms of technology. (not to mention they think it is so "cool")”

Anita Simpson
Photo Story

Sandy Machen
Photo Story
Vanessa Arant
Flip Cameras, United streaming, ,ABC Mixbook
I have incorporated technology into my classroom this year by introducing students to various forms of tech other than the computer. We have used our Elmo and LCD to help us look at books, hands on math (money and measurement), and word building with letter tiles. Students have also been exposed to short video segments through united streaming that reinforce literacy skills taught in Harcourt. I feel these experiences have helped my students a build concrete understanding of skills and concepts taught in kindergarten. I am excited to attend the showcase to gain ideas from my fellow teachers”

Anna Jones
Green Screen – Pinnacle Studio
3rd Grade
Being a part of the twenty first century team has changed the way I teach every day. My students are involved in technological experiences daily, using the Smart Board, Elmo, Wireless Slate, and interactive sites. I really don't know how I taught before. I know my students are motivated to learn and are excited about learning. I love to hear them share with parents and visitors all that they "get to do".
Christie Taylor
“Bee” A Blogger
1st Grade
Technology has been increasingly effective in the engagement and motivation of my first grade students. Student achievement has increased due to the hands-on interactive method in which skills are acquired. Students in my classroom have utilized iPods for audio books, interactive whiteboard, CPS system, wikispaces, online activities such as games and blogs, wireless slate, and digital imaging devices. The use of blogs and wikis has also been beneficial in collaboration and communication with parents. Before the 21st Century Initiative, a simple overhead, CD, or computer would be considered my technology integration. Now with so much more to offer, I can't imagine teaching that way again.”
Marilyn Whatley
Wikis, Think Central links, Blabberize, Voki, Animoto
3rd Grade
I have incorporated technology into every academic area in Third Grade. My students answer "Questions of the Day" on our class blog, email each other, work with online math manipulatives, and each have their own wiki. Students use their wiki to record their thoughts, assignments, share information, and to journal their year in Third Grade. The students have taken turns being class photographer and each student can download photographs and move them to their own wiki. The impact on my students' learning has been amazing. They are excited about new writing assignments because they are able to share them on their wikis, and they are able to see other's writings as well. They seem more eager to learn when technology is involved!”

Vonda Thomas
Voki, Power Point, Blog
5th Grade
We have created Vokis of explorers and they are posted on our wiki site. We have also created Power Point presentations and they will be posted on our wiki site. The presentations were photo biographies of famous African Americans for Black History month. We also blogged book summaries and reviews of books that we have read. Overall, I think that incorporating technology has had a positive impact on my students. It definitely keeps them engaged, but it also pushes them to work a little harder because learning what to do may have been difficult for some of them. They were willing to do it because they were interested and wanted to see the final outcome. I hope to progress in my use of technology in the classroom in the upcoming years.”
Emily Young
Movie Maker, The Hat; How Photo Story can be used w/ writing
6th Grade; All subjects
“This year my 6th grade students have had the opportunity to use technology in a variety of ways. For example, in writing we have used the internet to compile information for research projects and have then turned our projects into Vokis. We also used Photo Story to create an “All About Me” slideshow that will be used later to write an autobiography. We have also tied technology into Story town, our reading series, by using Quizlet to practice using vocabulary words.”
Gifted Teachers

Denise Ivey
Digital Photo Story, PowerPoint, Picasa

Melanie Glover

Angela York
Stock Market Game

Susan Brewer
Story Publishing

“This has been one of the most challenging learning experiences I have ever experienced. I feel like a kid again. I am enjoying learning right along with my students. We have learned how to create Vokis, add Jing to power point presentations, created digital photo stories, used ikeepbookmarks, and so many other things.” Denise Ivey
Our gifted students and teachers are on an out-of-state field trip, but have sent their student’s work to be displayed at today’s showcase.

21st Century Classroom at the Showcase!

A 21st Century classroom will be set up on the stage area of the Childersburg High School Arena. This classroom will be equipped with a screen, projector, document camera, Interwrite Pad, and twelve computer stations. A webcasting station will be set up to broadcast all of the activities taking place in this classroom. Students will teach the lessons while describing how technology tools are used for learning. The “students” will be guests and visitors interested in learning a 30 minute lesson.

Time Teachers Lesson

9:00 a.m. Jennifer Barnett’s students Use Flip Video Cameras to make a short video

9:30 a.m. Sharon Wright’s students Skype messaging for English discussion

10:00 a.m. Kim Broadhead’s students Scratch

10:30 a.m. Kim Knight’s students Screencasting

11:00 a.m. Shannon Hill’s students Qlippet

11:30 a.m. Robbie Stewart’s students Windows Live

1:00 p.m. Amanda Spurling’s students Science lesson with Flip Video cameras

Live Web Shows Broadcasted at the Showcase!

Three live web shows will be broadcasted from 9 a.m. – 12 noon from the CHS Arena.

www.mogulus.com/iwolves - Jennifer Barnett’s students from Fayetteville High School.
www.mogulus.com/whsweb360 - Kim Knight’s students from Winterboro High School.
www.mogulus.com/fhslive - Robbie Stewart’s students from Fayetteville High School

Segments from the Showcase will be recorded and available on these web shows to watch at any time.
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