TCBOE 21st Century History

Here's a little bit about the 21st Century Initiative in Talladega County. Some of these links are to our presentation wiki about this initiative, tcboemasterpiece. So keep in mind that you might navigate away from this wiki on a few of the links.

The Initiative

Teachers from Fayetteville School and Winterboro School were eager to share new learning with colleagues in Talladega County. These teachers planned and pitched their own 21st Century Learners program to system leaders. Their journey leading this initiative is documented in the chart below.
Year One (January - May 2008)
Year Two (Aug 2008 - May 2009)
Year Three (Aug 2009 - May 2010)
Proposal to Central Office Administrators
Pitch to Principals for the Perfect Participants
Prepare Participants for the Initiative
Launch the Initiative
Continue Training
Celebrate and Showcase Success
Planning the Year
Adding Elementary
Middle and High School Training
Elementary Training
Celebrate and Showcase Success Again
Focus on the Rainbow
Problem Solving
2009-2010 Initiative
Problem Solving
Creativity and Innovation