Talladega County Schools Technology Showcase

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What's Behind Your Code?

This year's theme for Showcase is "What's Behind Your Code?" If someone were to scan a QR code for your school, what would they find? Oral presentations will focus on this question. What is unique about each of our schools? What makes each one shine? Our displays will focus on bringing 21st Century Skills together with Project-Based Learning.

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Helpful Links to Prepare for the Showcase

Elementary Participants 2012-2013

Middle/High Participants 2012-2013

3-6 Oral Presentation Requirements

3-6 Oral Presentation Rubric

7-9 Oral Presentation Requirements

7-9 Oral Presentation Rubric

10-12 Oral Presentation Rubric

Floor Presentation Requirements

Floor Presentation Rubric

Floor Presentation Judges Score Sheet

Floor Display Board Layout

Floor Display Information

Understanding Copyright

Robot Flyer Handout - Optional Competative Event!

Robot Rubric for judging

Attire for Showcase

Students participating in oral presentations should be professionally dressed.

Teachers may choose how students will dress for floor presentations. Students may all wear matching attire, professional dress, or costumes to enhance their project.