STI-PD Help Page

To log into STI-PD go to

  1. Username - First initial, Last initial, last six digits of your SS#
    • Example: John Doe = jd123456 (lower case)
  2. Password - Six Digit Birth Date (separated by dashes)
    • Examp;e: February 1, 1975 = 02-01-75
  3. LEA - Use Pull-Down Menu (Drop Box) to select Talladega County

Other Items:
  • You change change your username and password under "My Profile" but keep up with it.
  • "History" will give you the list of PD you have earned and let you know if you need to complete an evaluation on a certain PD you have attended.
  • Make sure your e-mail address is correct in STIPD so that you will receive notification of enrollment and requests to complete evaluations.
  • Dr. King is our contact person for STI-PD: or 256-315-5175, she will be glad to help you.

Enroll in a Session

Click "PD Titles" at the top of the page
  • If you have an idea of what you are looking for then use the "Search the PD Title Catalog."
  • You may search by "PD Title Number." Talladega County School District Title Numbers begin with "61-" Examples: 61-0806 (61-YY/MM/DD) for a session on June 03, 2008.
  • If you know the date of the training session then go to "View Session Offerings" and click either: List View (one long list by dates in alphabetical order by session title) or Calendar View (appears as a calendar)

Select a Session

  • Once you locate your training session, click on the session, read to make sure it is the session yo want, and then click on the "Enroll Now" button.
  • Caution: Be sure to read all abou the session you are selecting. Frequently, training sessions will have more than one presentation on the same day or may have multiple sessions on multiple days. If yo select the wrong session, you may not receive credit for PD hours.
  • When you have completed the enrollement process, please click on "Log Out."
  • If the author of the PD Session has selected the "notify participant" option while posting the session, then you will receive a reminder e-mail 3 days before the session.