Project Focus

This initiative is not about computers. We are working very hard to learn how to incorporate the use of technology and other collaborative learning methods into our teaching. But, the focus remains on student achievement. We believe that we must engage students using their native tongue. And that just happens to be digital - not only English. So, we have to learn their language to teach them.

We do not advocate using "technology" every minute of every day. But we do advocate engaging students as deeply as we possibly can. Sometimes using technology helps. Sometimes using other things help. We are about the business of studying all methods that help us make learning meaningful and purposeful to students. We want them to be active, not passive. We want them to create, think, connect, and dig. We want to share our love for learning with them and find new ways to celebrate our progress.

We are not searching for a final answer. We know that what we do is a process and that the process is the point. We hope to develop ourselves as professionals and join together as a professional learning community focused on our possibilities and our gifts. We try not to make excuses and try to evaluate ourselves with honesty and candor.

So, with these thoughts in mind, our project focus points are:

  • To develop 21st Century Skills
  • To use 21st Century technology in the classroom
  • To create effective professional learning communities