High and Middle Project

High/Middle Participants

School Role Name Grade/Content

BBCHS Mentor Emeka Barclay English
Participant Peggy Downing Science
Participant Angela Lawson Math
Participant Angie Henderson Math

WHS Mentor Jennifer Barnett Tech Integration
Participant Joicelyn Armbrester Social Studies
Participant P. J. Jenkins Math
Participant Emily Young 6th Grade

TCCHS Mentor Quentin Lee Music
Participant Lesley Hutto Social Studies
Participant Jaclyn Robinson Science
Participant Scott Smith English

CHS Mentor Jared Wesley AP
Participant Melissa Ponder Science
Participant Elena Robertson Business Ed
Participant Melissa Roberson English

CMS Mentor Neva Smith Resource
Participant Philip Cosper Science
Participant Lori Bloodsworth Library Media
Participant Leslie Gilliam Business Tech

MMS Mentor Rita Harper Library Media
Participant Jennifer Darby Math
Participant Johanna Morgan Math
Participant Patrick Talley Social Studies

FHS Mentor Karen Pemberton Resource
Participant Sharon Wright English
Participant Chad Wilkinson Social Studies
Participant Dawn Guy Science

LHS Mentor Darrin Lett Business
Participant Michael Romano Science
Participant Kelli Lloyd English
Participant Mysti Nichols English

DMS Mentor Tim Gallahar Science
Participant Susan Evans Business
Participant Clark Jinks Social Studies
Participant Mickey Jones Social Studies

MHS Mentor Rebekah Klinner Library Media
Participant Heather Harry Math
Participant Sharon Boling English
Participant Teresa Thomas Spanish

Key Leader - Jennifer Barnett, WHS
Robbie Stewart, FHS
Kim Knight, WHS
Jared Wesley, CHS
Jay Hooks, LHS

Previous Years

First Email Year Two
Participants 2008-2009
Agenda for August 4th (click to see what we will be doing!)
The first meeting for the 2008-09 year will be in Winterboro High School's Business Academy building. It is located in front of the school's gym. We will meet from 8:30 a.m. until noon. Participants might like to bring a drink and a snack to share. Bring your laptop, notebook, username & password for our new School in Sites website, headset (skype), calendar, flashdrive with pics of yourself and your syllabus.
Fall 2008 Mentor and Mentee Meeting Dates
Agenda for November 21
We will again meet in the Business Academy building at Winterboro High School. Same as before, bring your laptop, notebook, username and password for your School-in-Sites website, calendar, and flashdrive with pics and documents from anything in your class you'd like to post on your website.