Friday Five 2011-2012

Each week I send out eTips to all 21st Century learners in Talladega County, Alabama on Friday. The Friday Five provides readers with valuable tips, information, links, and inspiration for engaging students using 21st Century skills. I hope you enjoy! To see previous Friday Fives, visit the TCBOE21 wiki or check the navigation bar at the left for last year's editions.

Friday Five for Friday, January 20th

1. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For...
Looking for a better search engine for your students to use? Try instaGrok. The word, grok, means to understand thoroughly and intuitively. Try this search engine to save valuable time searching for exactly what you need to know.

2. Cheaters Always Prosper...
I'm always looking for a short cut. When I came across this amazing article at DesignBeep I felt as though I'd hit the jackpot! 100+ Must Have Cheat Sheets is very likely to have a quick reference sheet for a program you use often. Take a moment and check the list.

3. The HEAT is on...
Coaching HEAT is a fabulous wiki with loads of put together by Bernajean Porter. Her wiki is packed full of link and information. I especially like her learning labs, which can be done quite easily on your own. If you are looking for specific ways to use various web tools and other engaging instructional strategies, be sure to check out Coaching HEAT.

4. What did Apple give to the teacher?
Yesterday, Apple made a big announcement. Read this article from Edudemic to learn more about textbooks for the iPad and how you can create and publish your own textbook. Also, learn more about the changes in store for iTunes University. There are several great articles associated with Apple's big announcement on theEdudemic site. If you are an Apple user, take some time to stay up on this news!

5. Six Skills You Must Have (according to this blog)
I love lists. Especially short lists! Take a quick look at this short list of Six 21st Century Skills You Must Have. Ask yourself this question: What I am doing to help my students master these skills? Talk to a colleague and share ideas you have for improving your own skills and working with students to improve theirs!

Have a great weekend.

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