Email sent on 7/22/08

Greetings 21st Century Learner Participants!

We are ready to begin another year of learning in Talladega County's 21st Century Learners initiative very soon. Our first meeting will be on Monday, August 4th from 8:30 a.m. until noon at Winterboro High School. (We will meet in the Business Academy building in front of the gym.) Attending every training session is crucial. Your principals are aware that you will be with this group and be returning to your school after lunch. It is important for us to have as much time as possible in our classrooms before school begins, so we will only meet in the morning to allow everyone to return to his or her school in the afternoon.
Please bring the following with you to the training on August 4th:
  • Laptop computer (if you have one)
  • Headset (for skype, if you have one)
  • Notebook (for returning learners)
  • Calendar (we will set mentor/mentee dates)
  • Flash drive w/ picture of yourself, syllabus, important documents, etc.
  • Username & Password for school website (Speak to your principal or the person from your school trained in our new School-in-Sites website by the CO in May. They should have your password if you do not already know it.)
Our new superintendent, Dr. Suzanne Lacey, is very supportive of this initiative. Thus, we have added even more participants to our Middle/High school group and will begin the Elementary phase this year. We welcome 13 new learners to our group! Each school will have at least three participants which provide a stronger learning community within your school to support your learning and exploration. (New participants - please feel free to email me with questions or any concerns you might have. Consider this email your welcome! We will work to fold you into this project slowly and gently. We're so happy to have you along!) We have placed much of the information from our initiative on a wiki (a collaborative space, edited by its various members) and want each of you to join and review it. Go to Our agenda for August 4th and our mentor/mentee list can be found at This is our space, so feel free to add to it. Our goal is to make our learning transparent for anyone else to see. All "new" participants are strongly encouraged to look around and become familiar with the concepts, tools, and other areas of this exciting training. Hope you all have had a wonderful summer and are already thinking about the challenges ahead. Please take a moment to reply to me and let me know that you'll be present on Monday, August 4th. See you soon! Jennifer L. BarnettFayetteville High School, Teacher256.315.5550 school; 256.208.5160 cellhttp://jenniferbarnett.edublogs.org