Showcase Plans and Preparation

Agenda for 2/18/09 Work Session

8:30 Welcome and Introductions
8:40 Showcase Overview
9:15 Break out Group #1 - Meet in grade groups or subject area groups

Questions to Consider:
What have I learned from participating in this initiative?
What 21st century milestones have been made with my students?
What are my technology goals for the rest of this school year?
What are three possibilities for my showcase display?
How many students will I bring? How will I select them? (Criteria) How will they be a part of my presentation?

10:15 Break out Group #2 - Meet with Mentor - Share Group #1 discussions with Group #2

Questions to Consider:
Share what was discussed in Group #1
How can your mentor help you make your showcase plans a reality?
Does your school want a "theme" for the showcase?

11:00 Independent Plan Time
12:00 Lunch
1:15 Assisted Planning and Preparation
2:30 Sign in Sheets; Evaluations