Showcase Information (April 23, 2009)

Showcase Plans and Preparation - Important Things to Consider as you Plan for the Showcase
Showcase Idea Guide - Click here to find a list of ideas for your display at the showcase.
Showcase Participants- Click to see who will be "presenting" instructional uses for 21st century technology

Showcase Goals

School System:

  • Motivation for Participants
    The showcase will provide the motivation for participants to work hard to master new skills. Hopefully, participants will strengthen their desire to continue working toward 21st Century goals over the summer and the next year.
  • Assessment of Learning
    The showcase will give non-participants an idea of how much learning and growth has taken place since we began this training in January. Also, it will give us a chance to reflect and re-evaluate what we are doing and how best to continue.
  • Demonstrate 21st Century Skills to Principals and other Leaders
    Using the showcase as a platform, we will share how these 21st Century skills are increasing student engagement and impacting student achievement with principals and other leaders in our system.
  • Positive Public Relations
    Talladega County is doing something no other system is doing in the ABPC network and we should be recognized for our efforts. This event helps PR folks put a picture with the story. We need all areas of the media present.
  • Encourage Business Partnerships for Funding
    If each school in our system had a few business partners, we might be able to help bridge the some of the gap in technology funding for our schools. If businesses can see what their investment will do, they might be more eager to help.
  • Encourage Business Partnerships for Service
    We might could learn more from our new partners about how we could help them using some of the equipment they could provide.