Cool Tools and More Resources

Instead of reinventing the wheel here, we will provide links to the best tools we've found. Feel free to add sites that serve as a "clearinghouse" for the best of the best out there on the web.

Web Wonders
This is a TCBOE wiki with loads of information about tools used by subject/area.

Educational Software
This is the site we recommend above all others right now. Suzie Vespers from New Zealand has put together a wonderland for you to explore. She has done what we started in Web Wonders. We refer to her, since she's done it better.

Alabama Best Practices Center
This is the organization that started it all for us in Talladega County. Check out this wiki to see what other schools in Alabama are doing and to learn about the statewide 21st Century Project.

More About Gadgets
Wide variety of gadgets, electronics stuffs, alternative energies, technology and mobile computing.