21st Century Protocol Meeting - Secondary

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Agenda for August 4, 2009 Meeting for Secondary Teachers
Welcome and Introductions
Review Objectives and Agenda
Revisiting 21st Century Skills - Video, for some groups
Merging Content with 21st Century Skills Activity (cards)
Break-out Sessions for most groups
  • Review Best Lesson Share Form
  • Sample "Best Lesson" and Resources
  • Create you own Best Lesson merging content objectives with 21st Century Skills
Continue Lesson Plan in Break-out groups
Share with Whole Group
Wrap-Up / Evaluate - Go over STI-PD (Click here to learn more about using STI-PD)

Growing Up Digital - Click to see video
Empty Children - Click to see video
Opportunities for Learning - Click to see video

Resource Links
Partnership for 21st Century Skills - See full description of each skill here
Best Lesson Share Form -
Methodology and Technique Idea Bank -
Web Tools Idea Bank -