2010 21st Century Showcase School Competition

Competition Task: Your objective is to tell the story of your school to the public. Using brochures, videos, and display boards you will tell why your school is the best school in Talladega County. After extensive discussion and planning, your team will prepare materials that highlight what's right with your school. Your team will compete in the three categories below. Winners from each category will be selected in two divisions. An overall winner from both divisions will be selected as well.

Competition Criteria (for each competition component)
  • Organization and Clarity
  • Visual Impact (professional dress, attractive display, high quality multimedia)
  • Content Quality and Addresses at least two Showcase Topics (list the 9 things)
  • Meets Guidelines (3-5 team members, list the guidelines)

Competition Categories

Each team should create a brochure about their school geared for potential students, parents, and teachers.
Multimedia and Display
Each team should create a multimedia presentation and table display that best represents their school.
Each team should be prepared to promote, defend, and elaborate on their brochure, multimedia presentation and display. Team members must dress and speak in a professional manner.

Pre-Judging Packet - Brochure and Multimedia Video due on Friday, April 9th, 2010
Please send to Vicky Ozment on or before that date.

Guidelines for Competition

Competition Divisions

Division I
7th, 8th, and 9th grade
Any school with students in grades 7, 8, and/or 9 may compete in this division. Your team of 3-5 students may be a combination of these grade levels, but no other grade level should be represented on the team.

Division II
10th, 11th, and 12th grade
Any school with students in grades 10, 11, and 12 may compete in this division. Your team of 3-5 students may be a combination of these grade levels, but no other grade level should be represented on the team.

Content for your video, brochure, and display/presentation
  1. Culture of your school
  2. Special clubs, organizations, programs, and partnerships
  3. Athletics, Band, and other extra-curricular activities
  4. Classrooms
  5. Career Opportunities
  6. Training and other qualifications you will gain prior to graduation
  7. Scholarship and college opportunities
  8. Other statistics and points about your school that students/parents would want to know
  9. Student and Teacher success stories
  10. Professional, job shadowing, and internship opportunities
  11. Networking opportunities with other students within the county, state, and nation.

Important Points to Remember
  • Student members, not teachers, must prepare presentations/brochures,etc.
  • The participants must use a presentation software program as an aid in delivering their presentation at the showcase.
  • The school must provide all equipment for the presentation.
  • Visual aids and samples related to the presentation may be used in the display/presentation.
  • Judges will conduct a question-answer session at the showcase. Students will not necessarily know who the judges are.

Rubrics for Competition